Personal Portraits

My daughter (the girl in the crown) turned 2 and I made this drawing for her and all her classmates to celebrate it. I thought it would be fun to transform them into cartoons and would also help parents to become familiar with other kid’s names.

Would you like to have a personal portrait of yourself? Or a portrait of your children? Do you have to make a special gift? This is your best option:

1. Contact me and tell me which option you want:
a – Personal Portrait + plain background
b – Personal Portrait + specific background
2. I will answer you with my availability, all the process, prices and payment details.
3. Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email with a few questions to know more in detail what you want and asking you to send me 1-2 pictures as a reference (good quality, please!). You can order up to 3 people; more than that, the order will have an additional price.
4. I will show you a sketch to make sure you like it. If you have any suggestions, it would be now when you can share them with me (up to 3 changes).
5. When the portrait is ready, I will send you a file as a PDF and PNG to your email. (Please, confirm that you receive it!)

*The style is what you see all along my website, under no circumstances can it be changed.
*It is not permitted the reproduction, duplication, or distribution of the illustrations for anything other than your personal use.